Do you know how to choose health care products store

with people’s living standard improved, before a lot of people’s physical quality is not so good, let us begin to pay attention to health care, today, people’s health awareness has been continuously improved, all kinds of health care products also greatly welcomed by the market. For people engaged in the health care industry, there are some noteworthy things on the site. The following is a proposal on the health care industry location in the analysis of how the store location, it is necessary to find out the location of the store by those factors.

is one of the most important factors that affect the location of the store, and the most important factor is the product category. Different types of products, for the target population is different, store location requirements are not the same. First of all, we look at the end which products are suitable for store sales. Generally speaking, in the market, the following products are sold through the store in the way.

(a) health care products for the elderly. This kind of products are: high blood pressure, high blood lipids, high blood sugar products; enhance immunity; rheumatism products; functional improvement products; nutritional supplement products; sleep improvement products; blood circulation; massage sofa and other equipment; (two) beauty products. Weight-loss products, functional cosmetics, breast enhancement products, blood nourishing products, detoxification products, tiaojingyangyan products; such products are mainly for the crowd for women.

(three) student supplies. Improve memory; relieve visual fatigue; vision improvement products; learning machine products; (four) other classes. Such as germinal hair care products, health underwear category. For these products, because of their different functions, for the crowd is not the same, so the location of the store requirements are not the same. Such as slimming cosmetics, functional cosmetics, mainly for female fashion, the location is generally considered commercial street and commercial center. But the elderly health care products, generally considered in the community. Therefore, the product category is the primary factor affecting the location of the store, but also the fundamental factor.

The second factors that influence the location of the store are the law of the target population and the target population of

. The product is different, the target consumer groups are different, especially in these populations because of various reasons of age, personality, work, living, social activities of them is not the same, and we emphasize the location to follow a principle that is the store opened in the consumer’s eyes, so the store must follow the consumer activities rules to go.


saw the prospects for the development of this industry is good, want to do this business you need to pay attention to in the location when the place is more, to find out the rules of social activities of the target population. In the selection of health care products, we should make clear the object of their services and functions of different products, for the crowd is different, the majority of operators need more to their own face in the crowd and location arrangement. This will bring good recommendation