Comprehensive care of breast health tips health network

is a breast disease step by step threatens the majority of female friends, we only mastering breast care knowledge can really protect the breast, some health tips below is the comprehensive care of breast


tip 1: pay attention to lifestyle


found in clinical experience, the incidence of breast disease and many bad habits. The following factors, more worthy of all women pay close attention to, and try to make their own way of life more healthy.

1, maintain normal weight: obesity is a high risk factor for breast cancer. Should be as high as possible to reduce high-fat, high calorie foods, especially fried food intake;

2, use hormone drugs: some women taking hormone drugs in order to make the breast fullness, resulting in endocrine disorders, which increases the risk of carcinogenesis of breast diseases;

3, maintain a good mood: depression, tension and other emotions will lead to increased levels of fat embolism. Keep optimistic relaxed attitude, reduce tobacco coffee intake stimulant is very important for breast health;

4, let mother: Survey: the ratio of functional neutral in patients with breast cancer is low, the elderly unmarried, widowed elderly primipara, were significantly higher than other groups. Because this kind of population in vivo hormone level is very difficult to maintain normal, although fertility but very little lactation or never breast-feeding is also easy to cause breast milk, breast cancer risk increased significantly. It is recommended that women should maintain normal sex and have a baby at the best childbearing age (not more than 35 years) and stick to breastfeeding.

tip 2: breast cleaning and maintenance

shower every day should give breast special care, doctors recommend that women should use the bath brush to clean the nipple areola special, which is particularly important for congenital inverted nipples in women. Then with the nipple as the center, do rotary massage to the breast with the brush body, which can not only stimulate blood circulation, can also remove the upper skin slightly. In addition, you can also use hot and cold water alternately wash the breast, in order to enhance the blood circulation of the breast, which is helpful to maintain the elasticity of the breast and tall and straight.

tip 3: receive professional check

all adult women, whether or not children, should be a year to a professional clinic breast examination. Doctors also recommend that all women over the age of 45 years a chest X ray examination.

tip 4: breast self-examination

develop a good habit of monthly breast self-examination. Specific methods are as follows:

1, mirror examination. Standing, his arms hanging on both sides, to observe the breast shape, whether the normal arc profile becomes irregular, there is no orange peel like pits, or is there? A small lacuna, extrusion when there is no fluid from the nipple overflow. If the above situation, should go to the hospital as soon as possible;

2, supine examination. Lying in bed, with the nipple as the center, with the pulp in a clockwise direction to >