Ten happy mood high food for health net

in order to live a stable life without stress, a real diet is indispensable. Intake with nourishing effect that can reduce the pressure of the invasion, instead of junk food will make against the pressure rise sharply.

but what exactly does it take to relieve stress, not just herbs or hard to get premium ingredients?. According to Stress-Relief-Choices.com, a British stress network, many common foods also have a role in easing stress.

put the following food into the dish or as a snack at the end of the day, to stop the pressure.

1: Banana add magical vitality

banana is really wonderful, it is simple to get energy food. When you feel lethargic, especially when the afternoon activity, please eat banana.

2: nuts resist sleepy

feel pressure or sleepy, using the method of nuts and raisins through is good.

3: quinoa effective physical conditioning

quinoa is a South American in grain output, compared with other grains with more protein and amino acid, is characterized by less sugar. In Japan, usually with rice cooking together, containing rich amino acids quinoa can effectively regulate diet life caused by abnormal physical discomfort.

4: meter to maintain high body energy

contains a complex carbohydrate that gives us the energy we need for the day. It is a food that maintains high levels of energy under multiple pressures.

5: fruit rich in vitamin

fruit is also excellent as a food for stress relief. Fruits rich in vitamins and minerals, are suitable for the busy workplace can maintain healthy food.

6: ginger tea to relieve stomach discomfort

thumb size of ginger to 150 C.C. of boiling water 5-10 points, you can use black sugar to make it sweet. The author is from the British physician? Learn ginger tea to the general practices such as ginger, ginger tea for stomach discomfort and cold is very effective.

7: oatmeal supplement nutrients

with water or milk is boiled oats, is a British version of the Rice porridge. Protein rich oatmeal has the effect of easing the pressure, suitable for the morning of the day to eat. Can warm the body, rich nutrients can be full of feeling and full of vitality.

8: hot water purification mood

, as the author of the British writer in the monastery to learn the method, the famous Darai Lama also regularly implemented. The hot water into the cup? Wait a bit cool, after drinking. Having the ability to relax and purify the body. Stomach discomfort is also very effective.

9: vegetables reduce stress against

vitamins and minerals