Chongqing the first work of the county to start home business boom

is now the country are actively attract some migrant workers working outside of the business activities, at the same time, local governments have introduced policies and measures to help many rural entrepreneurs can return home business.

Chongqing Kaixian is

The return of people into the main business of

2000 years, Kaixian put forward the output of labor, cited productivity, efforts to attract migrant workers to return home entrepreneurship. At the end of this year, overseas workers, Xiao Hua with hundreds of thousands of yuan of funds, as well as learn technology and management knowledge back to Kaixian County Office of Yong Chinese shoe, promote employment more than and 800.

Yuan Wanxiang

"in 2010, Kaixian migrant workers decreased year by year." Yuan Wanxiang said, Kaixian home business has two characteristics: one is the large amount of home staff founded entity enterprises accounted for about 50% of the market; two is the return of personnel to become the main body of innovation and entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship recommended brands in industrial enterprises