Bags of franchise business note

luggage is a lot of consumer attention products, travel outside the essential goods of high quality bags can make consumers more trust, our luggage marketing model is still in development stage, the circulation of commodities is still rapidly, the traditional business model, to join the bags in the traditional marketing model innovation, attract more to join join and support business, then joined the bags need to pay attention to what the problem?

A, luggage store to look for the product quality, because the future competition is the competition of product quality. Many foreign brands in large shopping malls set up counter sales, the price is expensive, so that a lot of people who love to flinch. And some small workshops imitation of the stall goods, low prices, quality, quality can not be guaranteed.

two, joined the company’s comprehensive strength. Understand the product bags to join the background and strength store company’s suppliers, mainly to see whether it really has the ability to support the market for this product, that is to say, it’s the company size, economic strength and market operation ability, advertising support, and other follow-up support and service.

three bags, franchise owner in the study to join the brand, pay attention to see whether the Brand Company can provide customers with planning professional marketing planning, channel management. The strength of a strong brand luggage company, often ask professional marketing planning agencies specifically targeted for their own brand to do a series of marketing planning, promotion.


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