Shop three treasure a less

shop is not a simple enough to have the goods, often need some small tools, only these complete, will have a greater help to the business. Preliminary friends shop, regardless of your store size, in the author’s view, at least three pieces of treasure shop, mirror, clocks and convenience you must complete enough good stool.

mirror will increase the brightness to your shop, and a broad sense and attractive, people could not help but want to come can at least look at your own appearance is neat, beautiful enough, all the people to appreciate that he is never bored of the move, the mirror installation, may bring some unexpected business opportunities and profit to you.

The top

watches can be hung on the door, let go out of the customers can be convenient shopping rather than miss the next work time, but do not have from time to time out a mobile phone at the time, it will give people a very convenient and feel tempted to go to your store several times a few times, by the way of purchasing some goods, and improve traffic shop.

is a stool more essential, now people are generally afraid of tired, could not walk a shout tired tired, especially some heavyweight fat people and some old uncle aunt, they shop at the same time, you give him some stools like convenience facilities, allowing them to easily enjoy shopping go out, not for customers who can menace from the rear, to forget that the music and.

As for the other

such as flowers, tea or what can be seen clearly display the calendar and time change, all are placed to empathy, consider from the consumer’s point of view, to humanity for business philosophy, to a win-win for business, so how do you do, will play a very good effect the.

is now a lot of shopkeepers may despise these objects, feel that the development of the business will not help. In fact, the author of these three tips, seemingly small things light, but I think this is not to be ignored in the three points, please consider the friends!