The domestic market demand for meat in Shenzhen port imports continue to increase the whole

with the life level of all substances increased, in the life of a vegetarian meat collocation is although There are plenty of people who, but the choice of most people! The domestic demand for imports of meat, strong domestic meat prices high, domestic imports of beef and mutton to increase policy support and Shenzhen customs clearance good environment and other factors, in 2016 the year of Shenzhen port 21621 batches of imported meat, 536 thousand and 700 tons, imports hit a record high, ranking third in the country.

is to strengthen the import and export business record management, new foreign manufacturers and exporters of the information query, realizes the record and management of enterprise sales of imported goods, extended chain meat supervision.

two is to deepen the management of enterprise credit rating, to provide more convenient access to the integrity of the enterprise, and thus guide the integrity of business management, the realization of the regulatory focus shifted from the pipe products to the management of enterprises, to achieve the quality of governance".

three is a precise regulation of storage cold storage, the application of the Internet to achieve real-time monitoring of frozen ark to the library, the release of the convenient operation, the release of the operation of the refrigerator to leave marks and other purposes, to achieve accurate supervision, customs clearance and high efficiency.

four is a paperless reform streamline business processes, the entire process of electronic visa, to further improve the level of customs clearance facilitation and customs clearance efficiency, reduce business costs.

five is the strict implementation of national safety supervision and sampling plan for 5 months the whole project covers the microbe, pollutants, and other indicators of veterinary drug residues detection of imported frozen meat products, ensure the quality and safety of imported meat products.

in the face of the domestic market demand for meat, Shenzhen port imports continue to increase, effectively ensuring the supply of the domestic market! In order to ensure the quality and safety of imported meat and the realization of fast customs clearance, inspection and quarantine departments to take measures to strengthen the supervision of frozen meat, improve the efficiency of customs clearance. Meat producing countries mainly in South America and the European Union, which accounted for 40% of the total value of imports of meat meat imports of Brazil. Varieties include poultry, pigs, cattle, sheep, venison 5 categories, the products are sold to more than 60% of the country.

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