150 car electric car called to the end of May trial operation

The reporter from the municipal government in April 11th held on call taxi briefing meeting was informed that, through the joint efforts of the City Transport Bureau and other relevant departments for more than a month, in the city’s 150 call taxi preparatory work smoothly, at present most of the preparations for the project has been completed, is expected by the end of May, I will start trial operation of electrical call a taxi. It is reported that the current taxi difficult phenomenon, especially in the rush hour, the larger flow of people and the downtown area, is hard to find a car, the municipal government attaches great importance to alleviate the taxi difficult problem, I will put 150 on call taxi increase capacity. March 10th, the Municipal Transportation Bureau, the municipal development and Reform Commission held a hearing, the meeting basically determined the number and price of the taxi call. After more than a month of efforts, the current city of Xining city taxi company called taxi configuration, call service center construction has also been completed. [electric car models] has been completed with the Teana, the British 4S shop procurement contract, the 150 call car, 120 for Teana fashion style; the 30 for the British TX4 model. [vehicle equipment] and Suzhou Transportation Bureau, Intelligent Company signed a call platform service cooperation agreement, is expected to enter the vehicle front-end equipment installation and commissioning in April 16th. [call] Call Service Center has identified the software and hardware technical specifications required for the construction of information platform, call center equipment is expected by the end of April in place; map data center server, is expected in mid April in place; large screen monitoring center equipment will also be in mid May to complete the installation work mode. [other] first recruited 110 drivers; call taxi insurance have begun to develop; phone call taxi service is 96360; to call taxi number for the green A· T× × × D.