Huangzhong organized part of the rural community party branch secretary went to Sichuan training

in order to further strengthen the construction of grassroots organizations, improve the overall quality of rural, community party branch secretary, to promote a new round of grassroots organizations to build the activities carried out in depth. The day before, the 38 branch of Huangzhong County, the rural community party organization secretary in Sichuan provincial Party school training was provided for 10 days.

this course closely around the countryside, the county community, carefully define the subject of training, taught by Sichuan provincial Party committee and Chengdu municipal Party School professor, focus on how to develop the rural collective economy, how to be a good secretary of the Party branch, how to do mass work under the new situation, how to strengthen the rural (community) five aspects of grassroots the organization construction, the construction of new socialist countryside is the theory to explain, to further improve the rural community, Secretary of the party organization theory. At the same time, organize the students to "the first Western ginkgo village" town of Jinyang village in Dujiangyan City, visited the building of a new socialist countryside and rural industrial development, the development of post earthquake reconstruction and tourism visit in Shuimo Town, so that trainees recognize the county of new rural and community construction gap, to further expand the work ideas, determined to lead the people to prosperity confidence. (author: Su Jianping)