Circular on printing and distributing the speech of Su Rong deputy secretary of the CPC Central Com

District and County Bureau, the law firms: April 28th, the City Council held a working meeting of lawyers. Before the meeting, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee Su Rong met the new leadership team members and representatives of outstanding lawyers Lawyers Association, and made an important speech, put forward specific demands on the work of lawyers, has placed high hope. Now the "speech" issued, please combine reality, earnestly implement.   two, May 4th
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lawyer leadership speech notice newspaper: Department of justice, lawyers, the Party Organization Department, propaganda department, politics and law committee. Delivery: party inspection room, municipal government information supervision department, Xining Municipal Bureau of Justice issued a total of 40 copies in May 4, 2012
met with the new leadership of the City Bar Association
team members and outstanding lawyers on behalf of the speech   Su Rong; April 28, 2012 (arrange according to recording)   everybody was glad to see today, sitting is the new team members and excellent lawyers lawyers association representatives, is our city’s lawyer industry elite and elite model. Lawyer work is an important part of the construction of socialist legal system with Chinese characteristics. The lawyer is a legal worker of socialism with Chinese characteristics, which is responsible for safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of the masses, maintaining social fairness and justice, maintaining the dignity of the constitution, political responsibility, legal responsibility and social responsibility. The lawyer is positioned as a legal worker of socialism with Chinese characteristics, requiring lawyers to undertake the corresponding political, legal, social responsibility. As an important force to resolve social conflicts and disputes, lawyers can play an irreplaceable role in maintaining social harmony and stability. To maintain social harmony and stability as an important standard of occupation morals inspection, effectively assume to maintain stability and promote the harmonious social responsibility, give full play to the functions and professional advantages, pay more attention to rely on legal means to resolve social contradictions, pay more attention to rely on legal means to coordinate the relationship of interests, pay more attention to rely on legal means to protect the social order, the maximum to increase harmonious factors and minimize disharmonious factors. In particular, we should educate and guide the broad masses of lawyers to give full play to the professional advantages of a wide range of social contacts, professional ability, and actively participate in three key tasks in the service of economic and social development play a greater role. To further promote the social contradictions in more and give full play to the role of lawyers in the party and the government led to maintain the unique mechanism of action in the interests of the masses, and actively participate in the people’s mediation, administrative mediation and judicial mediation, and actively take the pre litigation mediation, court mediation, court settlement and other means to guide the parties to resolve conflicts and disputes more through mediation;;