The chase for the broker charge of agricultural and livestock products

recently held in Datong County, agricultural and livestock products (intermediate) broker training. It is reported that the
, the content of the training involves the development of farmer cooperatives norms, marketing strategy, crop cultivation, occupation ethics, economic contract financial management, project reporting and other aspects, through training will further enhance the peasant brokers in Datong county organization level and overall quality, improve the level of business and marketing ability. In order to enhance the ability of agricultural services.
the training, hire the provincial Party school, Qinghai University, the provincial supply and marketing cooperatives experts, for a period of four days, a total of more than 40 farmers’ professional cooperatives responsible person to participate in. Training content is comprehensive, specific, with strong operability. After the training, the students will be tested, and the examination of qualified students issued a unified national vocational qualification certificate and the Qinghai provincial qualification certificate.