Global Fund ADS project national project supervision Xining City ADS prevention and control work

the afternoon of December 8, 2010, Liu Zhongfu, deputy director of the National Center of AIDS comprehensive room AIDS Center of Mao Yurong expert and national Global Fund AIDS project office to coordinate official Zheng Yingjun, the Global Fund AIDS Project Office of Sichuan province finance officer Lee Xiaoping and the founding of Hebei Global Fund AIDS project director mountain line 5 Prevention and Control Center Deputy Ma Yongcheng accompanied director of personnel of Xining City AIDS prevention and control work carried out supervision in Qinghai province disease. Xining Municipal Center for Disease Control and prevention, Yang Yuqing, director, deputy director of the AIDS prevention and control section and the relevant personnel of the financial department attended the meeting on. The National Steering Group heard the deputy director of the Zhao Yaqin center on 2010 in Xining City, the Global Fund AIDS project progress report, and to the AIDS division and finance field with access to the project data, object to the data of the exchange. Finally, the steering group members on the results of the steering site a simple feedback. The National Steering Group fully affirmed the Xining City AIDS prevention and control work achievements, done a lot of work in the Global Fund AIDS project work, successfully completed the task of the indicators of the project plan in 2010. The steering group puts forward some valuable suggestions on the existence of the Global Fund AIDS project in Xining in the work of the problem: one is to pay attention to the collection and management of trace data; two is in the MSM work should pay attention to the sustainable development of the work, the incentive mechanism of detection object cannot be consistent, to form the MSM initiative to detect the atmosphere. Three is to strengthen the management of the project funds, the unification of the expenditure standards, improve the credentials of the expenditure, strengthen financial and business communication, Joint Global Fund AIDS project.