This year the city to build an upgraded version

In April 4th, the reporter in the Xining municipal government held by the National Health City review summary commendation meeting that this year, our city will be built Wei rich connotation, extension, focus on the overall promotion, build an upgraded version of david. It is understood that this year, combined with the new urbanization, improving the social health management level, expand new areas, expand coverage, in the construction work in the national health city at the same time, to urban and rural linkage, "extension of establishment to three counties, has been created for the provincial health county in three counties based on positive to promote the creation of national health county work, and strive to enter the ranks of the national health county, play a leading role, promote the city construction management innovation, will carry out the health town, village health, health unit to create activities, play a typical role model to create the health. At the same time, carry out the construction of healthy city, healthy city construction work is an extension of the National Health City, national sanitary city is to maintain the honor, foundation started in the "healthy Xining" construction activities, to carry out community health, health units, health hospitals, health village, healthy campus to the content of the "ten kinds of Shuangbai health site construction activities, expanding the scope of regional health, firmly grasp the 7 major health projects and 26 key projects. In addition, increase efforts to do social medicine, the introduction of relevant supporting policies and measures to expand market access, accelerate the formation of diversified medical pattern, to the comprehensive development of traditional Chinese medicine health care services, give full play to Chinese medical prevention and health care in the hospital of traditional Chinese medicine characteristics and advantages, to build the province’s TCM rehabilitation center, to meet the health needs of special populations rehabilitation.