Strengthen coordination and communication to promote the development of the work the City Council

In order to promote the orderly conduct of the work of the Communist Youth League, the group set up a game of chess thought

to promote the work of the Communist Youth League in the city in an orderly manner, set up the whole ideology of a game of chess. Recently, the group held a joint meeting of the Communist Youth League in Xining in the second quarter of 2011. The main task of this meeting is to analyze and summarize the work of the first quarter, the arrangements for the deployment of "54" youth poetry, "61" series of activities and the creation of work. Group members of the municipal Party committee, four districts and counties of the Communist Youth League, the city’s part of the organization and the head of the Department of the municipal Party committee responsible for the meeting attended the meeting of the group of three. The meeting heard a report on the work of the Municipal Youth League Youth League recently, and the focus of the work of the Communist Youth League organizations at all levels in the second quarter made specific requirements.
is a tribute to the ninetieth anniversary of the CPC founding Youth Conference preparatory work. "54" youth poetry has been included in the party to celebrate the ninetieth anniversary of the CPC founding a series of activities, municipal leaders attach great importance to the poetry of the preparatory work, therefore, the Communist Youth League organizations at all levels to raise awareness, enhance the work of the initiative, actively around the "hold high the flag to go with the party and the red flag shine color" theme, make the preparations for the youth poetry work, should take the initiative to the local Party committee report on the preparatory work for the party, and government support, and strive to do a session theme, young love, influential youth poetry, for the ninetieth anniversary of the CPC founding gift.
  ; two is the work plan to celebrate "61" the international children’s day activities. of the city at all levels of the Communist Youth League and young pioneers organization to continue for the majority of the city’s children have a happy and joyous festival "61" for the purpose, to "red scarf to the party" as the theme, highlighting the characteristics of young pioneers, advance planning "61" activities, give full play to the functions of the regiment with team work.
three is to carry out volunteer work. Volunteer Association Secretariat to further improve the volunteer registration system and volunteer association regulations. Three county four District Youth League should take the initiative to coordinate with the relevant departments to set up the Xining Volunteer Association as an opportunity, will set up a regional association of volunteers into the schedule, as soon as possible the formation of volunteer branch, standard the management of volunteers to play in a city volunteer activities in the model, role.
four is to do a good job of non-public party building work. municipal organizations at various levels to the province’s Party Building Conference and group organization pattern innovation conference as an opportunity to the grass-roots level, mining potential, to raise, to strengthen the "two new" organization and non-public enterprises building efforts to continuously explore Jiantuan, new tactics, the real trick, expanding and extending the Communist Youth League working arm.

five is a national unity and progress propaganda work. to the summer youth forum as a platform to publicize the party’s ethnic and religious policies, strengthen the majority of young people to understand the importance of national unity, promote national solidarity and promote the common progress of the national consciousness. The meeting stressed that the city’s
: the work of the Communist Youth League Theme Activities in the second quarter;