The twins have snow leopard baby name male baby called female baby’s fruit

snow leopard baby name, when the results?" Snow leopard baby name, who named them?" What’s the name of the snow leopard baby?" These days, Xining citizens and friends about the "star two generation" — the Xining wild zoo snow leopard twins baby "your name".

"what’s the name of our baby?" The snow leopard baby Dabao and stir into "nasty things", craned his neck waiting the good news, because the couple are eager to give children "on the account". The snow leopard baby every day also set up in the two ears, eyes, bared his teeth, such as their "Guanming" landing!

newspaper to join hands with the Xining wildlife park for the dragon and Phoenix snow leopard baby name activities, Xining people and friends to participate in the community reacted strongly.

in October 21st, the activities of the organizers of the final selection of a named award winner Guan Jinhong. She gave the name of the snow leopard twins: male name into a female called fruit. Meaning: snow leopard, growing on the plateau, rare and comparable with the giant panda, was born in the year of the dragon. Word of the name. 1 of the world’s artificial breeding snow leopard is a difficult, on behalf of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau made in the ancient city of Xining wild zoo results; 2 expression of hard work pays tribute to the zoo gardener two little hope; 3 healthy growth, expanding family of 4 snow leopard; promote and enhance the whole society attention and protection of wild animal consciousness.

Creative Award two, the winners Wu Fanfang, Peng Jingyue. Wu Fanfang gave the name of snow leopard snow leopard, the male is called boa, the female called snow. "Snow" explains the geographical features of Qinghai plateau, "boa" meaning Qinghai is rich in resources, treasure and leopard homonym, meaning snow leopard. Peng Jingyue gave the name of the snow leopard twins, male called Ning Ning, female named sissy, sissy and Nene reflects the small snow leopard, naughty lovely character.

from October 21st, the twins have a name, the snow leopard baby couple named Cheng Cheng and fruit. For a time in the zoo "garden people" are now singing, now dancing for a family of four snow leopard, snow leopard baby dancing "is no longer a" black "! (author: Zhang Pu,)

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charm of life charm

Qinghai news network, thank you very much for the newspaper and the zoo launched the name of the event, so that my family and I have a deeper understanding of the importance of the protection of wild animals." On the afternoon of October 21st, at the awards ceremony, the winner Guan Jinhong said she would continue to participate in public welfare activities, to add joy and strength to life.

Wu Fanfang, the winner of the

, told the audience: "our family has been involved in the campaign. We love nature, love life, harmony between man and nature, it is the charm of life, natural charm!" Xining wildlife park, a person in charge said that the snow leopard as a beautiful and endangered cats, artificial conditions in the successful breeding, the zoo is a breakthrough in the study of snow leopard breeding;