Xining health department and Disinfection Company to discuss the standardized management of tablewar

to strengthen the health management of disinfection of centralized food, to prevent the food borne diseases, ensure the health of consumers, the Municipal Health Bureau recently organized city, district and county health authority and the person in charge of the city’s 16 tableware Disinfection Company responsible person held a seminar on standardization management of tableware disinfection study discussion. Health supervision by the responsible person and the Disinfection Company responsible person have brainstorming, put forward reasonable suggestions to the long-term management of our city, tableware disinfection industry long-term development, to further standardize the city catering laid the foundation for disinfection work.

this meeting provides a platform for in-depth communication between the health administrative department and Disinfection Company owners. The meeting of our city centralized tableware disinfection companies present situation, existing problems and the current supervision cases were notified, to convey the spirit of the relevant documents of the Municipal Bureau of health, the responsible person of the company according to its own situation and put forward suggestions.