Since July Xining City Road intersection surveillance camera equipment running

from July 1st onwards, the public security traffic management departments will use the road monitoring camera equipment installed to carry out data acquisition, information dissemination and other work, and the illegal traffic personnel punishment, effectively control illegal traffic.

according to the traffic police detachment responsible person, currently in the urban area has set up road monitoring camera equipment 117, a traffic adaptive signal machine is arranged in the 19 intersection, the intersection of 23 sets of traffic signal network machine 23, 5 intersection set by LED display, 31 intersection with electronic police, can be implemented effectively capture of vehicle signal, aggressive lane and other illegal activities. Set in the intersection, some sections of the monitoring equipment, can be collected, admission and static traffic and dynamic road activities, the manual way, in a certain range of free parking, free U-turn, reverse driving, riding the center line of driving, driving without a seat belt, driving the car, mobile phone and telephone answering call according to the provisions of turning, violation of traffic signs and markings and other traffic violations in the implementation of video capture and query of the fake brand, vehicle deck online, at any time to master the robbery suspect vehicle accident, and vehicle dynamic escape. (author: Zhang Chunyun)