Qinghai province to carry out the leading cadres of natural resource assets outgoing audit pilot

in order to urge leading cadres to conscientiously carry out the protection of natural resources management responsibility, and promote the protection of the ecological environment, the day before, Qinghai province to study and formulate the "development of leading cadres leaving natural resource assets audit pilot program".

pilot work in all levels of Party committees and government leading cadres as the audit object, according to the positioning of the main functional areas and natural resources endowment characteristics, took the lead in the distribution of natural resources in two areas of extensive sea east city and the Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture to carry out, to strengthen the focus on water, land, minerals, forests and grassland natural resources and ecological environment protection of important matters of responsibility audit, through the audit aims to find out the typical problems existing in the field of resource and environment of major violations of discipline violations, serious damage to natural resources and serious damage to the ecological environment, and the influence of natural resources and ecological environment security risks exist. Through the audit of the audit evaluation and the corresponding responsibility of leading cadres to strengthen the definition of the responsibility of leading cadres in office consciousness play, and urge them to conscientiously fulfill the management of natural resources and ecological environmental protection obligations, shoutuyouze, Shoutu responsibility.

to promote the results of the pilot application, ensure that the special audit effective landing, the organization will be based on the construction of leadership, combined with team general and leading cadres term adjustment work, every year to the audit institutions audit commission put forward suggestions, and included in the work plan audit annual audit according to the procedure, to ensure the audit work to keep normal and achieved positive good results, effective supervision and management of cadres, to regulate the role of protecting the ecological environment.