Xining issued fine management guide

today, Xining is not only the pursuit of large building, but also to highlight the new concept of urban fine management. The day before, Xining Municipal Research Department issued a timely editing "carry out meticulous management of the city to create beautiful Xining" one book, expect to continue to further promote the fine management play a good theoretical guidance and reference for the practice of our city.

"carry out meticulous management of the city to create beautiful Xining" is the city center in the profound study and understand the municipal government major decisions and arrangements based on the compilation of the book carefully selected, the relevant important conference speeches, policy documents, research and practice of typical cases.

municipal government of Xining city development situation, a keen grasp of the characteristics and tasks, after six months of extensive research, in March 2012 in the city for the first time organized the meticulous planning and construction management services in January 2013 once again held a mobilization meeting, fine management will promote the work, through vivid more than two years of practice, by understanding to understand by understanding, to participate, to participate in the promotion, meticulous management to form a broad consensus of the whole society, to get the support of the whole society. Fine concept has become the city’s work to carry out the work of the pilot, do a good job of spiritual strength.

is currently the city’s urban construction has certain scale and level, but the city management is facing new challenges, the voice of high society, people look forward to, the urgent need to work to shift the focus of the city of fine construction management as soon as possible. At this moment, "carry out meticulous management of the city to create beautiful Xining" editor of the book issued, the city center to the book to the theoretical guidance and practical function, promote the city of relevant units and departments based on the "big and small", start from the city to the subtle details, procedures, regulations and implementation do not relax, unremittingly, persevere, and vigorously promote the reform of city management, to maximize the highlight of the city of Xining, the order of humane and harmonious beauty, and strive to achieve the transformation from extensive management to fine management. (author: A Huaiping