With the help of merchants association

this year, the Provincial Federation of industry and Commerce from mid March, the province at all levels of government investment projects and the Provincial Department of Finance issued the implementation of our province in 2016 the first batch of PPP and BOT mode project through the network, field visits and so on various provinces and cities in China Federation of industry and commerce organization, chamber of Commerce, in different member enterprises to promote green. Through business investment, the Provincial Federation of industry and Commerce has implemented a number of projects involving pension, tourism, photovoltaic, education and so on.

to prepare for this year’s Green Fair, the Provincial Federation of industry and Commerce and the Provincial Federation, Overseas Friendship Association, province of Taiwan compatriots will jointly set up a provincial Federation of 2016 Green Fair Work Leading Group, under the invitation of group, project investment and docking group, logistics group and other working groups, and work plan. Through the merchants invitation and project docking, initially identified about 40 participants from Hong Kong Macao and Taiwan and the chamber of Commerce, Xining Henan chamber of commerce organization of domestic and foreign merchants will be held during the conference this year in Henan green contact.

in addition, the Provincial Federation of industry and commerce also organized in the green chamber of Commerce, member companies and some of the central enterprises in the early Qing Hui to visit the city of Heilongjiang Province, the city of the county investigation project. Invited Beijing city construction, Sichuan Hua Chuan group, Shanxi Construction Engineering Group and other 16 foreign companies to invest in our province. At present, the Provincial Federation of industry and Commerce has been the implementation of educational resource network, pension service center, agricultural light complementary, ecotourism facilities construction and a number of projects, 2016 private enterprises in Hong Kong and Macao Taiwan, chamber of Commerce special project docking and pay close attention to prepare Green Fair held during the meeting and signing ceremony.