Elevator door lock manhole free NPC and CPPCC cited concern

Do you eat and drink regularly? Is your door locked safe? How do you take the medicine? Do you have an elevator in your building? The "eat man" manhole in front of you afraid? Do you have access to your life? Dazzling beam also hurt you know…… Even Japan, safety and health problems of citizens who are most concerned about in the province of NPC and CPPCC on Redubujian, the NPC deputies and CPPCC members to the suggestions and proposals for resolving other forms, people worry about troubles, give advice and suggestions.

can lock the door of your home safe

[respondents] so public a answer: anyway, my heart is not always practical. Members of the public said: often locked the door and went back to see, do not worry ah!

[proposal] will unlock the industry into 1 Countermeasures of construction industry management, formulate relevant laws and regulations, the supervision and management of the lock industry. 2 to lock the industry to implement the registration and filing system. 3 to establish the threshold of the professional qualification of unlocking industry personnel. 4 the establishment of the lock industry associations, strengthen business guidance, standardize business practices, to achieve its shift from guerrilla to regular army.Lift the "panic"

[respondents] so public a answer: Okay, but the heart does not always practical. Members of the public B: occasionally sudden outage, suspended in the air and other rescue; sometimes failed to press, really scared to death! Worry about losing control.

[delegates hot] in recent years, elevator wounding, deaths caused by accidents have occurred, has become invisible killer people around them, but there is more narrowly "elevator" incident. Many property companies due to lift the perfect and safe management system is not established, there is no corresponding emergency rescue plan, elevator maintenance is often a mere formality, if there are problems, the property company, maintenance company on mutual responsibility, make the elevator to stop the operation of "bujianfanzeng. Even the real elevator accident after wounding, the responsible departments are buck passing, let the people helpless.

[] suggested to ensure the safe operation of the elevator, the elevator maintenance recommendations to the developers to collect the guarantee fund, to further improve the emergency rescue system; actively promote the elevator business insurance system; combined with the actual area for elevator;