44 billion yuan for Xining industrial strong gluten

reporter from the Municipal Economic Commission was informed that Xining will seize the "development of the tone while maintaining stability, good in quickly this year, focus on innovation and development, grasp the economy, maintain steady and rapid growth of industrial economy. The city plans to implement 172 industrial projects, including the implementation of the Xining economic and Technological Development Zone, the District, the implementation of the 49, plans to invest up to 44 billion yuan.

It is reported that this year

, the development of industrial economy in our city and strive to achieve the main indicators are: the city’s industrial added value growth of 18%; scale industrial added value increased by 16%; the city’s industrial investment growth 30%; cultivation of Industrial Enterprises above the scale of 40; 25% growth of small and micro enterprises, including new small and medium-sized industrial enterprises in 300 households; Small and micro businesses operating income and employment growth of 10%; above scale industrial units to increase the value of energy consumption control in the range set by the provincial government in. To this end, the city will further expand investment in industrial projects, accelerate the development of new economic growth points. Continue to strengthen tracking supervision on production line, CPI 400 megawatt solar United States coal coal generation and other construction projects, and strive for the year a number of projects completed and put into operation. At the same time, actively implement the operating conditions, to ensure that the the Yellow River new energy polysilicon and other new projects construction schedule, put into operation as soon as possible, the formation of increment; actively implement the "Shuangbai" action, to ensure that the "double hundred" projects included in the province’s 58 key projects, 59 key industrial enterprises in 27 provinces and major industrial projects of technological progress smoothly. (author: small words)