2013 Xining Urban Development nvestment Fair opened three bus lines straight through the venue

yesterday, the reporter learned from Xining City Department of transportation, for the convenience of the public to the venue during the Xining city development and investment fair, from the Xining city public transport limited liability company deployed 20 buses, July 26th to July 31st, free opened by the East District of Bayi Road (Huang Le Park) to the south area of the main venue, sunning Plaza (Science Museum) to the new south main venue, the Yellow River Road area to the south of the main venue of the China Unicom building bus line.

It is reported that

, a line from Bayi Park Huangle origin, apricot by Ming Road and Kunlun Road, Changjiang Road, the management station (on, off point), Nanchuan Road south of new arrival. Line two uplink route from the station (tiger sunning Plaza on the west side of the road), via sunning road and Kunlun Road, Kunlun bridge, the Yangtze River Road, the management station (on, off point), Nanchuan Road south of new arrival, by the New South; down route to Kunlun Road, the 54 road to the Cold Lake Road, tiger Taiwan the departure point. Line three uplink route from the Yellow River Unicom building road (Road on the west side) of origin, through the Yellow River road and Kunlun bridge, the Yangtze River Road, the management station (on, off point), Nanchuan Road, to the south of new route from the south of the district; down to the management station, the Yangtze River Road, West Gate Bridge to the start point of China Unicom building.

urban development investment fair in Xining, three bus lines every day at 7:30 in the morning, at the end of 18 when the last bus from the south. Cycle times will be adjusted according to the passenger flow. All participating vehicles will be placed in front of the windshield of the free bus line signs, five sites hanging free car ride point banner, convenient for the public to identify. If the opening of the morning traffic control, the south end of the station will be located in the south end of the road 34. (author: Zheng Sizhe)



chase 46 key projects will debut, the city voted

2013 Xining city investment will be opened the curtain, this year, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County intends to promote 46 key projects to attract domestic and foreign merchants to invest.

this year, Datong County intends to promote the 46 key projects, involving cultural tourism, infrastructure construction, urbanization, industry, modern agriculture and other 5 projects, including the eastern town sports center, the Great Wall Ruins Park, the plateau "movie" 13 cultural tourism projects; Datong County sewage treatment plant, Eastern New City Lanzhou Xinjiang line Datong Railway Station Plaza engineering 9 infrastructure construction projects; construction project features commercial district, Garden Road, the transformation of the old city 5 towns; an annual output of 100 thousand tons of silicon Aluminum Alloy, solar module production of 16 industrial projects, 3 projects of modern agricultural facilities and agricultural products deep processing, special fruit base etc.. In addition, the city voted "there will be people’s road of commercial and residential development projects, Tianqi Vista two period in 9 to be contracted projects, the contract amount will reach 2 billion 110 million yuan. (author: Zhao Junjie Shen Lianghua)