nnovative ways to help the poor let the villagers move up

"participation in the labor to improve rural life, the way of helping the poor, can let the villagers really act to improve their living environment with their own strength." March 17th, Qinghai provincial Civil Affairs Department of social organization staff said. 2016 is the tenth year of the world social work day ", with the theme of this year’s social work, advocated by the Qinghai provincial Civil Affairs Department of the" development of social work help poverty alleviation activities, held in Zheng Jia Shan Cun, Huzhu County Xishan village.

Xishan township is located in the southwest of Huzhu County, located in hilly gully region of Loess Plateau, which belongs to the typical dry farming area in the shallow mountains, the soil barren, arid climate and frequent natural disasters, weak agricultural infrastructure. Township poor population of 2998 people.

event, from the province’s various social institutions social workers play their respective expertise, for the local villagers measuring visual acuity, doctor, measurement of blood pressure, mental health and the interaction of children, but also the organization of the village households in investigation of the local planting environment, for the masses to explain the agricultural science and technology. At the same time, the Qinghai provincial Civil Affairs Department and the local government is also difficult family difficulties and local pregnant women aged 0 -2 years old children sent a warm bag, and play with the local children, learn about their lives, and send some of the necessities of life.

"this event today to participate in the special significance, not only the seeds and tools to get through their own labor, but also to learn some agricultural knowledge, hope to be able to organize more such activities." West Hill Township, said Zheng Village villagers. It is understood that the main purpose of social activities is the thought of transformation of local villagers from poverty alleviation, let the "and to be" converted "by labor, the local people call" activities through "rubbish, smooth public facilities" means the replacement of tools and seeds, get a positive response when the crowd.