West District of Xining the small family party school set up a bridge

transfer of the community party branch of the work of the decision-making, the deployment of important activities, regular study of the party’s principles and policies and the party’s theoretical knowledge, mediate neighborhood, family conflicts. Xining City West District of the 6 "small family party school" set up the party members to contact the masses, serve the masses of the "heart to heart bridge", the achievements of the community building, people and people, people and the environment, the harmony between man and society.
"small family party" to feedback the difficult and hot issues of concern to the masses in the residential building of community party branch, but also the community party branch work decision-making, important activities deployment situation conveniently propaganda to thousands of households.
"home school" every members of the family are "classroom and classroom", every Party member is lectures "teachers", Party members not only learn the knowledge, and enhance the party members, Party members and the masses and between the family and the family relationship between. Street community has also hired experts Professor as "small family school counselors, regularly carry out lectures activities in order to focus on small family members in the form of large, powerful party" to strengthen the "teaching level of small family party". Through flexible and diverse forms of learning, learning content rich connotation, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of Party members to participate in the study of community hospital building, cracked the members of community hospital building has been difficult to study organization, personnel is hard to concentrate, to ensure effectiveness of three difficult problems.