The United Front Committee of the province the people’s Committee director meeting held

1 25, the United Front Minister of the province, the people’s Court of directors (director) meeting held in Xining. The meeting conveyed the national united front, the director of the Civil Affairs Committee, the spirit of the meeting of the secretary general, a comprehensive summary of the 2016 United Front Work in the United States, the arrangement of the key tasks in 2017. Provincial Standing Committee, United Front Work Department Minister To Paul Zahi attended and spoke, deputy governor, public security bureau director Wang Zhengsheng chaired the meeting.

meeting to convey the requirements of the provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng comrades of the United Front work.


meeting held in 2016, is the province’s united front of the people of these departments to implement the central and provincial major decisions and plans, the construction of national unity and progress of advanced areas, moving across the religious affairs management level promote the work to a new level, one year.

meeting stressed that 2017 is a major decision on the deployment of the United Front on the implementation of the year". People in the United Front work should highlight the political guidance, and resolutely safeguard the authority of the CPC Central Committee General Secretary Xi Jinping at the core of the human resources; to serve the overall situation, boosting the province’s economic development, maintaining social harmony and stability. To hold high the banner of unity, the unity of the joint, guide members of the majority of the United Front, with enterprising spirit and pragmatic style of work, continue to forge ahead, to implement the "four major solid" requirements, efforts to achieve the "four changes", with excellent performance to meet the nineteen and the thirteen provincial Party congress victory of the party held.


conference informed us of the outstanding achievements of the united front policy theory, the information work, the national and religious issues, the advanced collective and individual in 2016.