Apply for letters and visits will be entrusted to assess the situation

In order to further strengthen the management work assigned by letters and visits, give full play to the work of the petition report functions, to further standardize the complaint handling procedures, improve the quality and timeliness of the petition for the promotion, for the comprehensive effect, recently, the introduction of the "City Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau Reporting for work assigned by the way", the organizer settles into the assigned parts of punishment and prevention system and a clean and honest assessment. The "measures" clear the scope of the petition report assigned by the (to the City Commission for Discipline Inspection, the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection assigned by the City Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau petition clues collective evaluation meeting determined, City Commission for Discipline Inspection of the main leadership instructions and petition room, in charge of leadership agreed to subordinate discipline inspection authorities and report the results for letters and reports pieces), the organizer (city, County Commission for discipline inspection organs and units directly under the discipline committee, the discipline inspection group (industry), the city Discipline Inspection Commission sent discipline work) and handle principles (graded responsibility, centralized handling, each piece is implemented, all the results and achieve the purpose of () is to identify the complaint and report problems to investigate and discipline violations. It is not clear, promote righteousness, protect cadres officer entrepreneurial enthusiasm), a total of 21. Letters and visits to handle the work mechanism, duration, supervision, feedback, audit, submission, accountability are specific and clear requirements. The "measures" provisions to enforce discipline and secrecy discipline, in accordance with the law to carry out reporting for work, strengthen the protection of the real name informants, informants, informants leaked information to take revenge, will be severely punished; for work is not positive, not serious criticism; causing serious consequences due to not perform or not to perform their duties properly, not to solve the problem of the petition in accordance with the law and cause the petition problems and new, serious investigation of the relevant functional departments and the responsibility of the staff. Through the implementation of this approach is conducive to the regulation of grassroots petition letters from the system to handle the work.