7 months early Huang fish migration into the peak period

precipitation and river water flow to the most high, is the best season Huangshui fish migration. At this time, the channel will show a "spectacular half water half river fish".

years experience of monitoring data, Huang fish migration peak, eggs and fry monitoring values of up to a year to 700 million in the end, the Buha River monitoring accounted for 80% of the total number of eggs and fry. As the main channel of Huang fish migration in the Buha River migratory fish Huangshui River to occupy the entire half of the country.

it is understood that every year to have the early development of Huang fish gonad reproductive ability, began to migrate. Under the stimulation of the fish in the water, the gonads gradually mature, and find a place where the water temperature is higher, the bottom of the river gravel to complete fertilization. After the parent fish swim to the water temperature, water slowly more appropriate "to recuperate". Lunar August 15th, the migration of parent fish with flowing water, the river swim to the Qinghai Lake.


in June 8th to 10, live pictures reflect, at present, the Qinghai Lake Huangshui fish migratory pioneers have been crossing the Buha River Bridge, away from the line to the Buha River Estuary 18 kilometers upstream.