Look at the pros and cons of enthusiastic work Xining and learn from Ma Deyun

Ma Deyun as an ordinary grassroots industrial and commercial cadres, from bit by bit start to write a bright image of the red shield guards. In March 8th, Xining City Administration for Industry and Commerce held a mobilization meeting, Xining City Administration for Industry and commerce system to Ma Deyun as an example, to find the gap formed in the control of advanced business systems, learning heroes than dedication, based on service first-class "learning craze, to further consolidate the Communist education on party members’advancement achievements, deepen chuangxianzhengyou activity.

Ma Deyun was the party secretary of Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Xinghai County Administration for Industry and commerce. Has served as the Hainan County Republican Industrial and Commercial Bureau economic inspection unit, Hedong Commerce Director, chief Industrial and Commercial Bureau enterprises in Gonghe County branch, deputy director of the county Party Secretary Industrial and Commercial Bureau, Xinghai County Industrial and Commercial Bureau. 15:20 on January 9, 2011, Ma Deyun attended the Qinghai Provincial Administration for Industry and commerce work conference to return the unit on the way, unfortunately died, only 47 years old.


Ma Deyun to participate in the work, devoted to the career of the party, grassroots level, according to law, be honest and upright, in an extraordinary position to make an extraordinary performance, has won wide acclaim from the masses of the people. From 1995 to 1998, Ma Deyun served in the Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Hedong County Industrial and commercial director, under the jurisdiction of the market in two was named the "civilized market", and the East was named "national industrial and commercial system of advanced industry" and "the window of civilization"; during the appointed director of the Hainan state Xinghai County business the Bureau, in 2004 by the industrial and commercial administration bureau of Qinghai Province as "advanced worker" of the province’s industrial and commercial systems, in 2006 was named "outstanding management personnel" in 2009 2010, the province’s industrial and commercial systems, the state of Hainan for two consecutive years was named "outstanding director Industrial and Commercial Bureau". Have the capacity to harmony, put; look at the pros and cons, enthusiastic work "is the motto of Ma Deyun. In practical work, Ma Deyun personally, by the business owners, local people’s support and love.

today, Xining province will be invited to set up Industrial and Commercial Bureau Industrial and Commercial Bureau study Comrade Ma Deyun deeds propaganda report group tour, preached in Xining industry and commerce system, will also carry out focus on learning, seminars and other activities, learn Ma Deyun deeds.