City housing security and housing authority to participate in the province’s urban and rural housing

In order to improve the ability and level of administrative law enforcement departments in accordance with law, and to ensure the legality, standardization and effectiveness of administrative law enforcement

to improve the province’s administrative law enforcement departments in accordance with the law, according to the ability and level of law, to ensure that the administrative law enforcement acts of the legitimate, standardized and effective. Qinghai Provincial Department of housing and urban rural development in the city of 2012.6.21-6.22 on in the city to carry out a period of 2 days of administrative law enforcement training.

a total of more than and 20 units from the state, land and municipal departments, more than 70 people participated in the training.

the main content of this training is divided into 3 parts, "administrative enforcement law", "administrative punishment law", "administrative licensing law". Teachers use a large number of relevant cases and theoretical knowledge, to the students about the content of administrative law enforcement, purpose and significance. Through this training, I Bureau of administrative law enforcement personnel, main contents of the administrative law enforcement legislation principle, legal principle, execution, administrative enforcement procedures, responsibility, characteristics and function of the administrative license, the difference between administrative licensing and administrative examination and approval, and the administrative law enforcement related document writing procedures and formats have more deep understanding, comprehensive system. On the administrative law enforcement officers to better perform their duties, abide by the principle of fairness, impartiality, openness, education and punishment combined. So as to further safeguard the public interests, social order, protect the legitimate rights and interests of citizens, legal persons and organizations, plays a very important role in promoting.