Qinghai a shock coastal soft power

May Jiangnan Bi cangcang. Although the 2016 Qinghai brands in Hangzhou will promote the 3 days full of rain, but when the snow treasures debut West Lake, or aroused no small ripples.

"chicken called the day will be bright, the chicken does not call the day will be bright, dawn is not bright chicken is not. The question is, who wakes up?" This is a "business founder" said Alibaba head Ma had said in a speech in Hangzhou in a word. The opportunity of Ma and Hangzhou, it is precisely because of the emergence of the Internet, and then a vivid interpretation of the common growth of a city and a city legend.

"to create a company that makes China proud and proud of the world." Only when you look at the world from a different perspective can you discover new business opportunities." No Internet, there is no subversive thinking." Combing Ma Yun and Alibaba entrepreneurial genes, even after the listing of Alibaba and has a great social influence, the company will still be positioned as a small company of Ma Yun. Behind this positioning, is a pursuit of speed, flexibility, innovation spirit, but also Hangzhou become China’s electricity supplier of the soul.

e-commerce so that more and more Qinghai enterprises involved in the network

5 month 28 days, in the coordination of the relevant departments of the government of Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Province, Qinghai, a group of 65 exhibitors in the rain came to Hangzhou in the east of Jianggan District, and Alibaba to visit the park.

Chinese as the first cross-border e-commerce in Zhejiang Comprehensive Experimental Zone, especially the development of the electricity supplier in Hangzhou obvious to people especially in the Alibaba, as the representative of a group of business enterprise, is thinking of using the Internet to share China leads the direction of economic restructuring economy.

The "double

" is an important driving force for economic development to share. The current global economic share showed a rapid development trend, new ways to promote economic growth, to engage in entrepreneurial innovation through sharing, collaboration, lower threshold, lower cost, faster, can let more people participate.

China (Hangzhou) cross-border e-commerce integrated test area run less than two years, Hangzhou will be in the field of cross-border electricity providers to achieve phased results. Data show that in 2015, Hangzhou cross-border electricity trading scale from less than $20 million in 2014 quickly increased to $3 billion 464 million, of which exports $2 billion 273 million, imports of $1 billion 191 million, 5.4 percentage points of growth of Hangzhou’s foreign trade export growth.

Hangzhou is the vice president of the Yangtze River Delta city, is also the capital of China’s electricity supplier, the brand of goods in Qinghai, is leveraging into the domestic and international markets as well as the ideal place to promote Internet marketing. Holding this promotion, is to take advantage of the unique geographical advantages of Hangzhou, Qinghai brand goods as the media, the United States and the United States · characteristics of the brand to the country." Qi Chimin, deputy director of Qinghai Administration for Industry and commerce.

"to see Zhejiang’s cross-border business development today, very deep feelings, we are using" The Belt and Road ‘opportunity to do a;