Xining Municipal Bureau of health supervision related indicators of private hospital news

in Xining City Health Office of infectious disease prevention and control the steering group to the city’s 11 private hospitals in the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases, hospital infection control, medical waste and iatrogenic sewage treatment and other problems of the feedback, Xining city attaches great importance to the health sector, immediately ordered the rectification, and carried out supervision, to ensure the rectification in place.

according to the medical institutions in the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases related indicators, 11 private hospitals are the main infectious disease registration and reporting system is not perfect, outpatient log registration is not standardized; related documents of construction points of infectious disease diagnosis and pre training of personnel information is not complete, staff training is not in place; and commissioned by the hospital infection monitoring unit no agreement; medical waste temporary storage point of water, no supreme plastic barrels, iatrogenic disinfection of sewage is not standard, inspection of residual samples without any treatment and other issues. Judging from the results of the inspection, the hospital can attach importance to the existing problems, the decomposition of the relevant indicators, division of responsibility, the responsibility to the people, the existence of one by one item control and rectification.