Xining Social Security Bureau insured personnel to pay medical premiums in a timely manner

Xining City Social Security Bureau, because you forgot to pay the basic medical insurance for urban residents to enjoy a lot of relevant medical treatment of the insured, the staff reminded the insured after the insured to pay promptly.

Xining City Social Security Bureau of urban residents medical insurance responsible person, third (September 1, 2009 to August 31, 2010) Xining urban residents medical insurance contributions since last year has started since the beginning of last year. After the January 6, 2010 renewal and new payment of the insured residents can enjoy medical treatment until 30 days after the date of payment from.

in addition, the insured residents can hold residents Medicare IC card to the provincial branch of the Agricultural Bank of China Xining branch credit card payment. The new residents holding residence booklet and ID card to the account of the local community to apply for insurance registration, and in 3 days to account for the location of residents medical insurance accounting center to receive free medical insurance card, and then to the Agricultural Bank of Xining Province branch under the credit card payment business outlets. At the same time, in the Xining area insured, medical residents, must be in Xining city residents designated medical institutions for medical treatment, network settlement reimbursement, not cash settlement.