The police express Xining police to eradicate 3 gangs involved in evil gangs

recently, the city police detachment in the Provincial Public Security Bureau of Interpol Corps under the strong support, have been completely destroyed the city’s long-term harm to Liu Suian’s Mafia Gang, led by Liu Peifeng, a criminal gang, led by Li Yuming, a criminal gang, the main suspects involved a total of 29 people were arrested.

according to the police, Liu Suian (nicknamed Liu Xiaoer, 42 years old, Henan Huojia county), Liu Peifeng (33 years old, nicknamed GA Ning Ning, Henan Huojia county), Li Yuming (nicknamed Li Xiaoer, 40 years old, Liaoning black people) led 3 bad black criminal gang robbery, explosion, intentional injury, drug trafficking, possession of firearms, affray, gambling and other criminal activities in the city, killing 1 people, more than 10 people were injured in a serious criminal cases since more than and 30. Police seized 8 firearms seized in the investigation, the bullet made of 320, firearms parts and components of the drug, heroin, 26 grams, the vehicle of the 6, the control of the tools of the 15 of the 35.

in August 16, 2007, occurred in Qinghai province serious fishmonger explosion cases in Chengguan District of Gansu Lanzhou city vegetable wholesale market, resulting in 1 deaths, 6 people were injured in serious consequences. Liu Suian Mafia Crime surfaced, the provincial public security organs set up ad hoc group crime crackdown main Liu Suian Mafia, Liu Peifeng Li Yuming, a criminal gang evil gang. Through more than half a year of painstaking investigation, Mopai visit, the panel was removed in the province, Lanzhou, Gansu city states of Henan Zhumadian, Shaanxi Xi’an, Beijing and other places, destroyed in one fell swoop on Liu Suian – 3 black criminal gang.

police identified 3 criminal gang leaders have a certain relationship, including Liu Suian and Liu Peifeng for the brotherhood, and the relationship between the brothers and sisters of the "sworn brothers" by Mr. and Mrs. Liu Suian. Liu Suian Gang since 2004, to set up a joint venture company in the name of the Li Yuming and Liu Peifeng of the evil forces, the long-term control of our city freshwater fish market, beatings, intimidation, retaliation strike repeatedly on the implementation of the other without their permission to Xining freshwater fish market pull the fish to control illegal fishmongers, freshwater fish market objective. All the features of the crime gang show in accordance with Article 294 of the criminal law on the crime syndicate’s basic characteristics, has been led by Liu Suian Gang, on suspicion of organizing, leading and participating in Mafia Crime approved the arrest, and has filed a lawsuit.

Liu Peifeng Gang since 2004, has repeatedly implemented intentional damage, disturb, possession of firearms, casino, gambling and other criminal acts, the evil forces of nature of criminal gangs, the main members of the gang have been arrested, and has brought a lawsuit.

Li Yuming Gang since 2005, many times the implementation of robbery, intentional injury, affray, possession of firearms and other criminal acts, the gang members to actively participate in the syndicate headed by Liu Suian, was a criminal gang, the group;