Occupation dig lotus root one day earn more than and 400

lotus is a kind of vegetable we love, is very good to eat lotus root, can go to the ventilation heat, eliminate toxins from the body, the lotus is so popular, but also let more people start a lotus, but the lotus in the mud, and not well digging, so have professional dig lotus root one day, their income is more than and 400!

2014 in October, relying on the unique resources advantages of geography and environment Nova Township, encourage migrant workers return home entrepreneurship, vigorously develop the lotus root cultivation in Hua Han village set up a jubilee tokusho special vegetable cooperatives. At present, the cooperatives lotus planting area has reached 600 mu, Mu lotus 1600 kilograms, the annual output value reached 3 million 600 thousand yuan, the industry has become one of the people of the local industry. The mass production of