The poor guy trapped China Russia Dezhou police sent its hand to Beijing

is the beginning of the five month, a Russian boy QiongYou China trapped in Dezhou, because the language barrier can’t communicate with others, there are good people with the help of the police alarm, rushed to the destination in Beijing.

is not Chinese, they do not speak English, yesterday, a Russian guy because of the language barrier, trapped Jingtai expressway service area of Yucheng, Yucheng met with the help of the police, was able to successfully return to the destination.

2 12 is a January Chinese traditional festival of the year of the monkey at the beginning of five, 13:30 in the afternoon, Yucheng City Public Security Bureau 110 command center received a public warning, "a foreign guy children need help, now in the Beijing Yucheng high-speed service area." After the alarm, high tech Zone police station police on duty immediately went to Du Xingbao, who knows a meeting this foreign guy "jabber" said a pass, the scene no one understand, everyone is a blank!

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