Royal Chicken quiz investment details

for the catering sector franchising business forms, investors in the investment before will have a lot of questions to ask, because they want to make sure they think the most suitable choice for themselves, Royal Chicken franchisees will also have the following questions:

1, now you have a number of stores, mainly in what city distribution?

Beijing Royal Chicken

currently has more than and 10 stores nationwide, a total of more than and 40, mainly distributed in Beijing, North China, northeast, southwest region in the country first and second tier city pedestrian street, shopping malls, schools and offices have ten stores. Qingdao, Chongqing and other cities have become a local franchise store star. Basically every store opening, can cause greater impact and concern in the local.

2, we will be able to join you to make money? What is the net profit per month?

Royal Chicken company will each store and franchise store success model copied to you throughout the guide, let you happy, carefree, entrepreneurial success! Market is to examine the success of the enterprise, you can visit to the US in the management of the store, I believe that will give you the answer. Our average gross margin of 60% of all products, some of which are even higher profit margins, net profit, then this is the store rent and labor costs related to each store’s profits are not the same.

3, how much is the joining fee? How to collect?

Royal Chicken company franchise fee is thirty thousand yuan of national unity, by joining a one-time payment, the contract period is three years, after the expiration of the contract if you want to renew it we are no longer charge any fees.

4, we join your company, you will provide what services?

Royal Chicken company provides a full range of coverage, you before and after the opening service. Including join instructions, store confirmation, store design, personnel training, distribution of raw materials and equipment support, business guidance, operational planning, etc..

5, how long will it take to recover the cost?

in Royal Chicken Beijing store as an example, the average daily turnover of four thousand yuan, the average recovery time of investment for six months, this time is also related to the management of your business and.

6, what is the meaning of the intention to join


is your intent to join pre determine the intention, in order to protect your location, and Royal Chicken company can provide more services, you beforehand pay part of the cost. This >