Several common ways of entrepreneurship

is your business for a moment of excitement, or all things just to this step, and then the logical embarked on the road of business? Different entrepreneurs will have a different way of entrepreneurship, the following, small series to introduce some common ways of entrepreneurship. If you are an entrepreneur, you can compare to see what kind of business is in the end.

: type or stimulated by

is a typical representative of the Chongqing small Swan Group Chairman Liao Changguang.

Liao ordinary family, had done 8 years of youth, after returning to the city of Chongqing Urban Construction Bureau as an electrician, he’s married sister He Yongzhi. Where the famous beauty, when the designer in a shoe factory, and good dress design. What’s the seven sisters, 6 find marriage, only Liao identity "low" and therefore the audience who runs, embarrassing situation. Liao, this stimulus, to entrepreneurship, to rise head and shoulders above others.

how to make big money? Liao resigned out, to sell housing for the principal amount of 3000 yuan, a 16 square metre rent a small shop and began operating Hot pot, early business is not smooth, do not make the anti deficit. Liao in his wife understanding and assistance, unremittingly, professional innovation, a few months later developed different from the traditional Chongqing spicy Hot pot of lychee flavor Hot pot, began to turn a profit. Then developed later popular on both sides of the Changjiang River Chongqing Yuanyang Hot pot, began only the upper floor of the shop to store to big enterprise groups. Liao in 1982 despite the sea, the value of gold is currently one million, 100 million yuan of personal assets.

karma or unintentional

The characteristics of

model such entrepreneurs is the original thought developed, just want to solve the problems, then he made a fortune. Its typical representative for Zhang Guoxi.

1972 years, Zhang Guoxi was influenced by local Yujiang in Jiangxi delegation of Shanghai educated youth, with 200 yuan to Shanghai to find a way out. How to make big money? By chance, in the Shanghai North Sichuan Road Shanghai sculpture art factory found a carved camphorwood box was sold for more than and 200 dollars. A horse on the machine trigger, immediately return home Shanghai production credentials camphorwood box step "yihuhuhuapiao". Half a year later, Zhang’s first engraved camphorwood box produced.

by Shanghai arts and crafts import and export company, the first to produce their own products Zhang joined the Canton Fair, and lucky to get 20 sets of wooden Zhang order, earned 10 thousand yuan. This is the first pot of gold digging the zhang. A venture capital for selling income 1400 yuan, Jiangxi Yujiang local raw materials rich in camphor.

warm blooded or excited type