How does a clothing store boss approach a customer


can be close to the customer, obtain the trust of customers, so the sale of clothing store is a lot easier, can quickly promote the transaction, this is a skilled job, here and share some basic skills close to the customer:

"three meters" principle that their time with three meters to greet customers and customers in the distance, smile, eye contact. If you do not pay attention to this point, the customer ignore, will lead to 3 a day in lost business, if the average 300 yuan, a year up to more than 320 thousand. So I hope all of you here, can take the initiative to greet customers.

. When a customer at a commodity (interested)

two. When the customer suddenly stopped (at first sight said "she" saw


three. When the customer looked carefully at something (that needs to buy


four. When customers find water mark, and the price tag (that has an interest in, want to know the brand, price, product components)

five. When customers look at products and look around (said to seek help guide)

six. When customers ask questions (customers need help or introduce) principle to grasp, the timing right, then the next step is the manner in which to close to the customer transaction. < >