The north can do waterflower business

This new

waterflower business since the advent of the market, quickly won numerous investors, is a successful training of hundreds of students, so many people realize the dream, go on the road of entrepreneurship. But there are still many especially in the north-east of entrepreneurs think hydroponic plants in the north is not easy to survive, so what are the facts?

winter moisture in the air is very few, especially in the north, the interior is very dry, is a disadvantage for traditional plant growth, and hydroponic plants but to solve this problem, the water inside the glass to ensure the plant will not dry, but also can play the role of moist air, shoot two hawks with one arrow.

also think the temperature is too low, in fact, this also don’t worry, waterflower only need more than 5° at room temperature; the environment can survive, but most of the North heating, from the temperature conditions are better than the south, so this is not what to worry.

so, if it is a northern entrepreneur, at the same time this business for waterflower interested, but worried about the problem of the local temperature, undoubtedly, such business is feasible in the local. And this business is still a very large business market, it is worth entrepreneurs now choose.