Novice straw painting crafts crafts agents

has been cross stitch, diamond paintings and other handicrafts quickly in the market became popular, almost everyone will buy a back to play. Now there is a new environment-friendly handicrafts, straw painting. Straw painting agent chain business heat up rapidly.

now find a good product, a little shop in business skills, so it is very easy to make money, today in terms of straw painting this new product, what shop business skills can let you learn


straw painting have environmental protection, manual, permanent preservation of unique, very consistent with the current people’s pursuit of art and philosophy, straw painting has high ornamental value for collection, family, office, hotel, restaurant, entertainment and other ideal decoration art, is also the birthday party, wedding, opening congratulations, and other high grade housewarming gift, much consumers.

operational recommendations

1.  the price of the straw painting creation time, process difficulty and decide, the purchase must have a comprehensive understanding of the high and low end products.

2.  if you intend to create their own products, you must grasp the purchase of materials in time, so as to avoid the production process in the absence of material.

3.  straw painting belongs to a new product, take some time to cultivate the market, limited funds shenru.

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