Taste spicy hot pot to join action details

spicy hot pot why popular, not only because of its special taste, there is a very important reason is that it is a quick meal. That’s why we can always see a long queue in the pan. Provide consumers with food within the scope allowed consumers, this is spicy pot winning point where.

taste spicy hot pot action guest chef and delicacy experts, formed a huge R & D team, two years of painstaking research, successfully invented the pot formula of thirty-one kinds of Chinese medicinal herbs and spices and unique cooking techniques, to ensure strong product competitiveness; action taste spicy hot pot is to wash the dishes well, cut, set, dinner guests directly fry, each pot from the kitchen to the guest table in 4 minutes, so lots of gold over Taiwan express business, Ete high, this is the other catering incomparable advantages.

taste spicy hot pot pot action formula and unique cooking technology, makes the production process standardization, process standardization, simplification, to ensure uniform taste. As long as people can learn cooking a short time, don’t need good old cook, this will not only reduce the company’s labor costs will also have the chef’s control. Taste spicy hot pot restaurant the other action is difficult to control the stock resulting in waste, and they restrain this waste, because more than 40 kinds of dishes are placed on the bar, you what to eat something, so that each people have vegetables, to ensure zero waste, improve gross profit. In short, high profits, quick service, simple operation is an absolute advantage in the catering industry.

action taste spicy hot pot restaurant environment special invited internationally renowned designer of standardization, modularization design, integration of Chinese and western modern restaurant design concept, the unique and modern fashion elements. The image of black head, yellow, red and green embellishment, all imports of plastic material, the overall feeling of elegant, bright, unique, highly visual impact, our side lamp collocation, regardless of you during the day or night, will shine at the moment, the city became a beautiful scenery line.

taste spicy hot pot action cost to join

joined the city’s first tier cities (to Guangzhou as an example) second tier cities (to Chengdu as an example) three line city (Zhongshan, for example)

shop area of 150 square meters with 120 square meters and 100 square meters

rent costs 42 thousand yuan / month, 24 thousand yuan / month, 17 thousand yuan / month

decoration costs 700 yuan / square meters to 600 yuan / square meters to 500 yuan / square meters

equipment cost 100 thousand yuan 90 thousand yuan 80 thousand yuan

raw materials 15 thousand yuan 12 thousand yuan 10 thousand yuan