What is the consumer price of Henan in July

economy in the continuous development of people’s labor income is also increasing, so the ability to consume has been greatly improved. With the development of Henan’s economy step by step, the per capita consumption level of Henan is obviously improved. National Bureau of statistics Henan Survey Corps survey shows that in 2016, Henan, the overall level of consumer prices rose 1.5% year on year, lower than the national average of 0.3 percentage points. From last year to this year, pork prices have become a key factor in about CPI, pork prices have dropped.

7 months, Henan consumer prices rose 1.5% in the city, rural rose by 1.5%; food prices rose by 2%, non food prices rose by 1.4%; consumer goods prices rose by 1%, service prices rose by 2.4%. Livestock meat prices rose 12.9%, affecting the CPI rose by about 0.64 percentage points, of which pork prices rose by, the impact of CPI rose by about 0.59 percentage points.

in the rapid economic development today, people’s consumption level is already a very obvious thing, when people shopping, not only pay attention to product quality and style, care products special brand awareness. After the great improvement of the material level, there is a further demand for spiritual life. In the future, consumer prices will continue to rise with the development of economy.

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