What conditions are needed to invest in Burger boys

Hamburg to join the project, Burger boy has always been a good brand, consumers like, investors are satisfied, of course, the brand needs to meet certain conditions. So is burger boy.

Hamburg kid brands belong to Shanghai burger boy Restaurant Management Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998, the company in good faith and innovative business philosophy, in 2001 officially launched the national franchise, the franchise has more than and 300. Hamburg kid food with their own rich experience, professional development of food formulations, to create high-quality products for customers, provide excellent service, clean and comfortable dining environment, developed a series of unique flavor with Chinese taste products, provide nutrition, health, delicious food for consumers to meet each investors and consumer demand.

Hamburg kid Catering Management Limited has adopted a new set of management system, from product positioning, store image, marketing mode, support are unique, maintain market competitiveness and vitality of the high, Hamburg kid is entering the market at a steady pace.

Hamburg kid shop ready:

1, a high degree of enthusiasm and dedication to catering business and have a certain social experience.

2, communication, leadership and positive spirit.

3, join the main cause of the cause of the operation and business planning.

4, have a good understanding of the franchise business.

5, good moral integrity and credit.

burger boy join condition:

1, owned business premises, commercial locations A points: 60 – 80 square meters, B shop: 150 – 300 square meters.

2, the main non join own store lease at least 2 years.

3, join the master at least 2 full-time operators.

4, joined the owner’s own funds 300 thousand – 400 thousand yuan.

5, good moral integrity and credit.

As a famous fast food chain brand,

burger brand has a wide range of loyal consumers and potential buyers. Interested friends come join us!