Small fireflies Lit ecological entrepreneurial opportunities

many entrepreneurs are thinking, how to find business opportunities? In fact, this problem is not difficult, the key is that you have not always put things in life to Lenovo entrepreneurial consciousness. 95 years after the discovery of the Shiyan girl from the firefly’s business opportunities, apply for a patent, lit her entrepreneurial path.

95 after the girl, due to the firefly patent

95 girl Wang Yingying is Shiyan people, round face, long hair, gentle speed. In her QQ space, more than 70% of the contents of the fireflies are recorded in the breeding process.

through in-depth study and understanding, Wang Yingying learned that many did not know something, for example, fireflies eat mainly snail, shellfish and snails, the bottom is located in the ecological Pyramid, no fireflies in the city because of air, photoelectricity, sound pollution, so they have no living space.