Three feature name resolution

although many people know that if the name is successful, also need to have a more creative, but in the end how to make the name more creative has become the one thing that troubled countless people. Here, Xiaobian to introduce the three characteristics of the name, let everybody see to see how they are creative.


Have a jewelry store in

alley, was called "LOOK". This is not surprising, but that "LOOK" two "O" painted a pair of eyes. Small depth never seen the world, the name of the praise, in fact, this idea I’ve seen.

two, love only only (love is


can always see the shop on the way to work, Ai Chi. This is a clothing store. Connect love and love clothes, jewelry is also just clothes, clothes.

three, top Kung Fu

a lot of people see the name to know, this is a barber shop, now called hair or hair salon. In fact, the barber’s shop, and a lot of "hair". For example, this barber shop name – "top wire" is gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory to the barber shop; and "on top of antithetical couplet, the first cause is high; while the shop called" the highest court "barber shop on the Internet, also caused no small reaction, even after the most the shop signs have been removed to the administration of industry and commerce. But no matter how shop is famous, has reached the original intention.

either name, or a simple design, whether have let your eyes bright feeling? This is a successful creative name, in short, if you want to get your name to attract people, creativity is essential, this will make the name more successful.