Strange guest also need to pay attention to


is a frequent visitor, many are basically loyal repeat customers, owners of natural is very importance to such a class of customers. Indeed, who really can give their own shops and business contacts, but also can promote the promotion and sales of new products, but rely on the regular customers, make long-term regular customers take care of their own business, thus ignoring the existence of strangers, this practice is not desirable.

supermarket opened more than ten years, I rely on the good reputation and excellent products have won many customers, establish a fixed customer base, in particularly good in business in addition to regular customers, I particularly care, in daily life, often drink tea together, talk, who has red and white wedding, I was always the first to get to.

neighbor Wang, usually with my special iron". Five years ago, Wang’s son was ill in hospital, I was the first to visit the hospital, and gave him a lot of gifts, and later his son was discharged, but also specifically to my shop thanks. But a few days ago, he took a few more to a supermarket to buy cigarettes to buy wine, so I subvert the previously relied on VIP support stores the source of the idea.

believe that many shopkeepers should have encountered this situation, right? Think of their loyal customers to the shop to visit other stores. At this point, I think no matter familiar or stranger, as long as the consumer goods to enter the store, enthusiastic service, only for regular customers do business ignore stranger is indeed undesirable. No matter the familiar or unfamiliar customers, as long as we have a good attitude, honest and treat every customer, worry about doing business is not good, do not worry about the source.