Western style snacks

in a lot of snacks snacks have a lot of special snacks are very pleasing to the consumer, of course, which is the most favorite or French fries snacks. One of the leisure delicacy chips – Europe, originated in Belgium in 1680, after France and the United States introduced improved, with its rich nutritional value, crispy crisp taste, delicious aroma, conquered people taste buds, a popular centuries miracle, became popular all over the world fashion delicacy.

Western snacks to join the election crazy fries

crazy fries brand introduction:

brand profile

because French fries are very popular in foreign markets, many foreign brands have entered the Chinese market, and very prosperous,

Study on

company decided to introduce to the mainland market fries, selects the American AAA chips, with imported olive oil well cooked, continuous innovation, breaking the traditional production process, carefully developed improvement, strict control of each procedure, after numerous experiments, the combination of different tastes around the world, finally build the taste not only accords with the national area of North and south, and effective control of the cost, high quality and inexpensive mass consumption characteristics of delicacy – Crazy French fries.

to open a flagship store for French fries features, now, now sell, is to eat, strong visibility, ensure food freshness and quality, crisp taste, delicious aftertaste so that customers can not resist. Crazy fries crazy.


Shanghai Jiahong Food Development Co., Ltd is a comprehensive enterprise which is specialized in research, development, investment promotion and sales service.

company since its establishment in 2003, adhere to the franchisee as the center, in good faith based, market-oriented, common development with customers for the purpose, relying on a strong and sharp market insight, research and development of the unique characteristics of the investment project. With the characteristics of small investment, easy operation, low risk, high returns for investors to choose, has become a leader in the domestic specialty food chain.

company headquarters in technical force and strong support, tens of millions of advertising in the year, the company brand has been popular in many food delicacy talent shows itself in a workshop, dominate.

company has the brand promotion and market operation support professional management system, management system, senior food R & D team, logistics team strong, these are all successful entrepreneurs to join business continuity assurance. Crazy fries mission