Xinyu set off entrepreneurial boom to create a platform for innovation and service

Xinyu is a new energy resources are very rich, is the ideal business base, at the same time, Xinyu city business boom is also very high, according to a survey every 13 people have 1 hit off, in the face of such a strong entrepreneurial atmosphere, the most crucial action.


is established to support entrepreneurship innovation policy system

2015 in the city issued the new business loans 395 million yuan, support and help drive the employment of 13 thousand and 400 people, 2 companies listed on the new board, 367 entrepreneurs enjoy 2 million 80 thousand yuan business tax relief. Through policy guidance to support the city’s new industrial and commercial registration 9981.

create innovative characteristic service platform

"double", promote the construction of entrepreneurial innovation platform is the carrier, is also the starting point. The city to give full play to the leading role of the market and the government’s support role, the market government to integrate with each other to create a variety of entrepreneurial innovation platform. At the same time do functional positioning planning, guide the various departments in accordance with their own advantages and disadvantages of the construction of entrepreneurial innovation platform.

the city to serve students and high-end entrepreneurial talent as the key to market investment, build 5 business incubators, 1 agricultural science and Technology Park, 2 public record space, 2 innovative incubator, 3 innovation center, 4 entrepreneurial coffee.