Bumpy entrepreneurial process laid off workers to the company manager

female entrepreneurs may encounter a lot of twists and turns, and in the process of entrepreneurship in the invisible exercise of the extraordinary ability of women. A laid-off workers after several twists and turns, unremitting struggle in the business blue ocean, eventually became a company manager.

1995, she is a laid-off worker at sea; in 2006, she has become famous for pancake sister-in-law, won the national finance system of Shandong province labor model, Shandong province food system ten meritorious pacesetter, Shandong province 38, re employment of laid-off women’s federation leaders and the honorary title, in 2003 was elected as the glory the tenth Shandong Provincial People’s Congress — she is Li Huaizhen.

1995 spring, Li Huaizhen laid off. Under the pressure of the life, she began to self occupation. In Yimeng Mountain, onion pancakes is the traditional specialty food, every branch of a griddle, pancakes. Careful Li Huaizhen after a survey found that people increasingly advocating scientific nutrition, the traditional natural food culture, food pancake prospects. She make a prompt decision: production of authentic raw pancakes.

in order to create the famous brand, Li Huaizhen gave a name to their Pancakes: Jinsui pancake. As thin as paper, tough as cotton, bright color, nutrition, Golden Harvest soon became famous. During the holidays, orders flooded, not even for selling pancakes, Li Huaizhen can only work overtime.

winter cold rice water cold hands red and swollen; summer covered with prickly heat, sprinkle some bath dew at night, the same day dry, others blowing air conditioning hot enough, she worked in the workshop is ten hours. The pancake stove fire every day, she was afraid of the smoke choked next door neighbours, at four or five in the morning to get up the stove, have been so busy that night.